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Industrial and Agricultural Construction

Through the construction and expansion of industrial and agricultural processing facilities, American Ag Systems has been successfully helping our customers reach new commodity markets, increase production capability and grow efficiency. With a comprehensive and in depth understanding of industrial and agricultural processing lines, our customers can be reassured that their processing equipment needs and facility requirements will be cohesively designed to ensure a productive, safe and highly efficient processing plant. Upon completion of projects, we won’t leave you high and dry.

Our company is here for you well into the future, offering on-going preventative maintenance programs, single opportunity millwright services and a 911 program.

Design & Renovation Experts

  • Processing Plant Design
  • Site Preparation
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Building Erection
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Crane and Rigging Services
  • Equipment Stands
  • Spouting and Airline
  • Handrails, Catwalks, & Decking

Processing Equipment Installation

  • Dust Control
  • Conveying
  • Packaging
  • Surge Bins and Feed Hoppers
  • Seed Cleaning
  • Feed Mixing/Handling
  • Fertilizer Mixing/Handling
  • Density Separators
  • Overlapping Bucket Elevators
  • Box/Tote Dumpers
  • Malsby/Airleg Split Bean Separators
  • Optical Sorting Installation
  • Grain Storage
  • Nut Processing Equipment
  • Nut Storage
  • Length Graders
  • Robotic Palletizing
  • Vibratory
  • Seed Treaters

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Preventative Maintenance Programs

On-going preventative maintenance, millwright and service contracts are available to a variety of markets, including but not limited to, breweries, bakeries, agricultural processing plants and hazelnut plants.

American Ag Systems is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable technicians available to assist in the growth and continued success of your processing facilities. Break downs and elongated shut downs are some of the most expensive issues processors face. Being proactive will ensure smooth operations and the extended life of your machines. In addition, there are just some jobs you just don’t have time to fit into your busy schedule. No job is too large or too small for American Ag Systems. We’re here to help keep you running, and your bottom line increasing.

Millwright services

We offer the below services for these common pieces of equipment, and more. Bagging Scales, Seed Cleaners, Bucket Elevators, Conveyors, Heat Sealers, Dust Systems, etc.:

  • Machine repair
  • Increased efficiencies diagnostics
  • Preventative maintenance & inspection
  • Installation & removal
  • Calibration
  • Breakdown repair
  • General diagnosis
  • Production line assembly
  • Rebuilds

911 programs

Unexpected breakdowns? Even on the weekend and after 5pm, we have you covered. We can ensure your production continues with minimum interruption.

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Supporting the American Farmer and Processor

West Coast Seed Mill Supply Company
West Coast Seed Mill Supply Company
West Coast Seed Mill Supply Company

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West Coast Seed Mill Supply Company