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Cousins 2100 SRT Stretch Wrapper-New

The 2100SRT is affordable and simple with more standard features than any other pallet wrapper in this price range.

A – B – C wrap program selector with capability to input and
store unique wrapping parameters for each program.

Each program can have its own individual settings:
– different top and bottom wrap counts
– different force-to-load settings
– different spiral speed settings
– different settings for a variety of load type

CHAIN AND SPROCKET DRIVE (no belts or pulleys):
Turntables driven by chain and sprocket:
– are more forgiving over a longer period of time compared to belt/pulley drives
– cannot be cut by sharp objects
– are more adaptable to severe environment conditions
– are easier to maintain and kept aligned properly
– chain and sprockets are readily available locally at a fair price

-ANSI # 50 direct chain drive c/w chain tensioner
– 4 point caster support system
– No steel on steel contact

– Up to 35 loads per hour
NOTE: Process rates will vary with load size, number of wraps & forklift load/unload time

– Maximum load weight: 4000# dynamic – 10,000# static
– Maximum load size to safely clear the tower: 56” x 56” x 75” H (plus up to 4” top overlap)

– 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
-ANSI #40 direct chain drive c/w shock dampener & Anti-Fall Safety Device

– Super Rapid Thread II™ 20” capacity pre-stretch film carriage
– Special Film Threading Device – Uniquely orientates the sticky side of the film against the pre-stretch rollers and the inside of the load.
– 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
– Fully electronic dynamic dancer corner compensation
– 33% to 313% fixed stretch capability
– Pre-stretch ratio variable using easy sprocket change
– Carriage Descent Obstruction Safety Shut-Off Device
– Rapid Thread ™ Safety Door with auto power cut-off switch
– Side mounted film carriage for operator convenience and safety
-Superior film-to-roller contact area


Available and ready to ship out of our Twin Falls, Idaho office.

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