— Utilize Donaldson® Torit® for Dust Control —


Dust collection is becoming a bigger issue in the industry as each day passes. A clean facility not only impresses potential customer’s, but it reduces the frequency of dust-related illnesses to employees, costly breakdowns due to the effects dust has on motors and other electrical equipment, and the dangers represented by poorly controlled dust.

We would like to help you solve your dust control needs. Our trained staff has many years of experience in this field and is ready to serve you.

Read devastating stories due to insufficient dust control:
Kansas Grain Elevator Blast
Georgia Sugar Factory Explosion

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Donaldson® Torit® Filters

Replacement Parts – Support for Legacy Products.

Donaldson Torit is committed to our customers so we continue to offer filters, parts, manuals and guidance long after we stop offering a collector. Your first call for support of our collectors, and of our competitor’s collectors, should always be to West Coast Companies.

Learn how dust control will improve your plant’s safety.

— Modular Baghouse Dust Collectors —

Discover the MB Advantage

The MB provides reliable service with easy maintenance. Computer designed inlets and deflector plates, coupled with maximized bag spacing, result in optimal airflow with minimal abrasion. Advanced valves, providing 50% more cleaning air, result in a more efficient operation. Over the life of the collector, no other baghouse can provide this much value.

The MB advantage is found in the breakthrough technology of our filter bags. Dura-Life filter bags and Ultra-Web™ pleated bag filters. Dura-Life filter bags provide twice the life over standard 16 oz. polyester bags. Our pleated bag options with Ultra-Web SB, provide longer filter life and reduced emissions. Both options can lower the overall cost of operation of the collector.

Donaldson Torit Modular Baghouse Collectors
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