2022 US Dry Bean Convention

Come join us for the 2022 US Dry Bean Convention in Nashville, TN on July 30th to August 2nd. As Red Ribbon sponsors, we’ll have a booth available to showcase our most recent jobs, our design capabilities, top of the line processing equipment and much more.


US Dry Bean Convention

Omni Nashville Hotel

250 Rep John Lewis Way South

Nashville, TN 37203

Saturday, July 30th to Tuesday, August 2nd


Processing Equipment Specialists for Beans, Peas, Lentil, Seed and Grain

Processing Equipment Specialists for Beans, Peas, Lentil, Seed and Grain

2022 US Dray Bean Convention Red Ribbon Sponsors

2022 US Dray Bean Convention Red Ribbon Sponsors




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Offices Closed Monday, July 5th

Our offices will be closed on Monday, July 5th so our employees can enjoy a long Independence weekend with their family. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 6th. 

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!


West Coast Companies


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2021 Summer Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association-Gold Sponsors


The 2021 Summer Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association (IEOSA) Convention is right around the corner! Are you ready?

As a Gold Sponsor, we’ll have a booth available for discussing processing equipment solutions, and trends we are seeing in the industry. Jack Forest and Travis Parish (also Past President of IEOSA) will be ready to see you!

June 14-16, 2021 – Shore Lodge, McCall Idaho

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Corporate Office Santiam Fire Update

We’ve been receiving concerned calls from valued customers and industry friends pertaining to our Salem office location and the Santiam Canyon fire. Even though it is smokey here, our office is still a safe distance from this fire. If we temporarily close this location tomorrow, we will switch to remote services, so we can continue to serve our customers. As for today, we will be closing this location at 4pm so our employees can get home safely and help with evacuations of extended family and friends. We will continue to post updates on our website, as well as our Facebook and LinkedIn social sites as they arise.

This picture is looking east towards the fire. Our main concern, thoughts, and prayers lie with our customers, friends, family, and surrounding communities that have been affected by this natural disaster


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Essential Business Designation During COVID-19

 Dear Customers & Suppliers,

In compliance with the Department of Homeland Security & CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency), West Coast Companies has been deemed an essential business as we offer equipment, supplies, parts and service to many of the necessary supply chains; food and agriculture, chemical, energy, mining and construction. Considering this, we will remain fully operational and available to provide support to our processing partners during these unprecedented times.   

While operational, we will continue to strictly adhere to the CDC & WHO guidelines in keeping both our employees and customers safe. In doing so, we are providing safe “social distancing” pick-up points at our offices for parts & supplies as well as direct ship options.

Our sales representatives will be available via phone and email, and our main offices will be fielding calls during normal business hours. Visit our website, wcsmsc.com for continued updates, product information and specials on our in-stock new & used offerings.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if we can assist with your processing needs. We appreciate your continued support and wish you, your family and your business the best.   


Dwayne Hayden-President of West Coast Companies 

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COVID-19 Business Operation Updates from our President

March 20, 2020


Dear Valued Customers,

West Coast Companies will provide continued support to all our industrial & agricultural customers through these uncertain times. We are staying abreast on the evolving COVID-19 situation and are diligently taking steps to ensure customer & employee safety while establishing business plans for in-house and remote operations as the state-of-affairs evolves.

Currently, both our Oregon and Idaho offices are functioning as normal. We have expanded our sanitization efforts for each facility, and our employees are following all appropriate protocols directed by the CDC & WHO. Thanks to technology, we have the means to proceed seamlessly should local protocols require any or all our offices to close.

Our sales representatives, as usual, have remote operation capability and can continue to work on your orders and future project needs. Please feel free to reach out to your usual sales representative or call our toll-free line, 800-970-7333. As with normal operations, you’ll always receive a voice at the end of your call during business hours.

We have a healthy part & supply stock at both of our Idaho & Oregon offices, and we are diligently working with our delivery companies to quickly send out orders. So far, our delivery companies are not seeing delays, however the earlier you contact us with your needs, the quicker we can get these to you without interruptions.

Being a family owned company, we sincerely value our customers and employees. We will take every stride necessary to ensure the health and well being of both during this uncertain time, while providing as seamless of a business experience as possible.

Thank you for your continued patronage, trust and support of West Coast Companies during these challenging times.


Wishing you, your family and business the best,

Dwayne Hayden


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A Week In Washington DC

Out of 19 Oregon State Small Business Development Center (SBDC) programs, and their corporate clients, West Coast Companies was honored to be chosen as the guest client to accompany the Chemeketa SBDC delegation last month to Washington DC. Throughout the week we met with the offices of Senator Wyden, Senator Merkley, Congressman Schrader and Congresswoman Bonamici to discuss how the SBDC programs benefit local communities through business development and growth.

The Office of Congresswoman Bonamici

West Coast Companies, Small Business Development Center, Senator Jeff Merkley

Senator Merkley Introductions

Congressman Schrader, West Coast Companies

Congressman Schrader’s Office

In addition to these discussions, we had the opportunity to review agricultural industry topics such as succession planning, trade concerns, hemp processing & banking regulations.  Sharing our concerns & highlights of the agricultural industry, and hearing in turn what strategies are being put into place to address these topics, was enlightening.

Chemeketa Community College, West Coast Companies

We happen to run into the Chemeketa Community College Board of Directors while there! Small world with impeccable timing!

Outside of these meetings, we attended a small intimate trade show of other companies around the country that participate in the National SBDC programs. These companies included entrepreneurs that are harnessing solar power into cooking pots for camping enthusiast and third world countries as well as an ex-Patriot NFL player, Jarvis Green, who own’s a successful seafood company, called Oceans 97.

Being the second generation of leadership for West Coast Companies (first with American Ag Systems) we have many ideas on how we can continue to build upon our custom processing solutions. The Chemeketa SBDC program has certainly assisted us in our company vision and future aspirations. Sharing the good work they are doing, and being able to discuss the agricultural industry with policy makers, was exciting. We are honored to have received this opportunity.

Merrissa & Andrew Burleigh



—Merrissa Hayden-Burleigh









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Section 179 at a Glance

We know the last thing you want to do is think about taxes! But now is the time to consider what large purchases you may have to make that would benefit you if done by the end of the year.

With 2019 coming to a close, we want to bring your attention to Section 179. Haven’t heard the details? In short, Section 179 will allow businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying agricultural and industrial processing equipment purchased or financed during the 2019 tax year.

That means that if you buy (or lease) a piece of qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. Think of it as a “loophole”. It’s an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. It is considered most beneficial to small businesses now, more than ever before. Section 179 can help with much needed tax relief while also giving your small business permission to take care of larger purchases that will serve in the growth of your company.

See the included image for an example as to how Section 179 works. Then call your West Coast Companies sales rep to find out how Section 179 can benefit you and the growth of your business!

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Downtime & Dust Control

When harvest is in full swing and a processing line goes down unexpectedly, the “downtime” can be costly. Not only will you be paying for the equipment repairs but revenue is being lost due to unprocessed product. Staying ahead of the repairs and potential issues will save money, time and headaches.

In addition to quarterly and yearly equipment service checks, our customers will schedule pre-harvest maintenance with American Ag Systems, our affiliate construction company. This allows for necessary fine tuning of the production line, reduces unexpected breakdowns and elongates the life of the equipment. Scheduled maintenance does not always have to result in a complete line shutdown. Tending to the plant on a day-to-day basis, or focusing on one section of the line in a rotating manner, is a great way to continually run product while maintaining the life of the line. The cost savings of maintenance well surpasses the costs incurred with unexpected breakdowns.

Another time, and cost, saving pre-harvest preparation includes stocking up on consumables such as twine, ink, oil boards, screens, and other smaller items imperative to day-to-day options. With this preemptive plan, the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and time consuming supply runs during key processing times is greatly reduced.

Dust control should always be a key focus in continued preventative maintenance. Dust control provides safe ventilation for employees, reduces damage to processing equipment and assists in fire prevention. For these reasons, it’s important to regularly change bag filters. Doing so before high times, such as harvest, is important as this process can be labor intensive and time consuming, especially if replacement bags are not in stock. We work proudly with Donaldson Torit products and machinery. Partnering with them allows us to be of assistance to our customers for their dust collection needs.

We encourage all our customers to utilize us in preparing for these scheduled downtimes as well as have us in mind when things don’t go according to plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can prepare you for whatever downtime may be in your future, planned or unplanned.

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Quick Upgrade for Harvest with a 23% Discount: Trade Show Model Q-Sage 5-88 Air Screen Cleaner

Ready for harvest but need a cleaner for processing? Don’t miss this hot deal!

Purchase now to receive by the 2019 Summer Harvest.

Take advantage of this one-off trade show model. With only mild cosmetic blemishes, this Q-Sage 5-88 Air Screen Cleaner functions at 100% and runs according to Q-Sage’s ridged specs. With this one time deal, you’ll receive a nearly a 23% discount off of the original price. Purchase now to receive by harvest 2019.

• Available in screen widths of 54” (298)

• The Q-SAGE unit matches the footprint and major spouting set-up of the aging Clipper 298 – modern Q-SAGE unit slides into current processing line

• Matches existing in-plant inlet and good product discharge material flows

• No need to order new screens – your legacy Clipper screen inventory perfectly fits into the new Q-SAGE Air Screen Cleaner

• Enjoy the benefits of an effective seed cleaning and conditioning upgrade without the hassle of major plant revisions and reworking

• This retrofit option has provided great success for those that have made the swap

• Easy Access to screens for clean-out/screen changes – 112.5 sq. ft. screen area

• Heavy Duty Eccentric Assembly with 1” stroke for better product flow uniformity

Replace the Clipper 298 with an “Easy-Fit” Q-Sage Air-Screen Cleaner upgrade featuring double capacity and updated modern flow options.


Download Brochure

Contact for Information

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