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West Coast Packaging Solutions

Your packaging line is your cash register. Inaccurate packaging can lead to giving away product; therefore, giving away your margin. We are here to increase your bottom line through accurate, dependable, and efficient packing lines.

West Coast Packaging Solutions offers:

  • Sealing:  Hot air, band, and pinch bag sealing
  • Sewing: Hand-held portables or high-speed bag sewing systems
  • Conveyorsbag turner and bag kicker: properly prepares your bags for palletizing
  • Gross and net weight scales
  • Fully automated packaging lines
  • Form fill and seal
  • Palletizing machines: Effortlessly handle all of your products without laborious man-power or taking up valuable floor space. Enjoy automated loading and unloading designed specifically for your handling needs.
  • Stretch wrappers: Semi-automatic to fully automated machines available.
  • Packaging supplies: Ink, twine, rollers, stretch film, staples and staplers
  • Labeling: Incorporate color touch screen technology for easy programing between jobs. We can help you find a labeler that offers sharp graphics, well-defined text, and legible barcodes
  • In-line check scales: Ensuring product weight accuracy during production.
  • Magnets: Detection and separation of metals is critical in protecting your processing equipment during production as well as offering the highest quality product in your market.
  • Pail Labeling: Accurately and efficiently apply labels to round and square pails & tubs.

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Packaging solutions are available for all size projects. Let’s talk!

Installation and service options available through WCC sister companies. Please contact our reps for more information.