Recently, SEDCOR (Strategic Economic Development Corporation) of the Oregon Mid-Willamette Valley contacted us to discuss the importance of technology in the industrial & agricultural processing equipment industry, and how it is changing the landscape of our customer’s operations.  Check out our insight into these questions among other interesting technological advancements throughout the Willamette Valley in the spring 2018 issue:

West Coast Companies Processing Equipment Technology

SEDCOR Spring 2018 Issue

Additional thoughts specific to this topic:

The last 5 years have proven to be game changers for our customers. Due to evolving technology, customers are experiencing larger yields, quicker production times, increased outputs and greater profits. The return on investment for new processing equipment is seen quickly and with great enthusiasm.

Some of the processing equipment lines that have seen the greatest changes in technology, to name just a few: 

Air-Screen Cleaners designs have improved to reflect the requirements of food processors and regulating entities such as FDA plus FISMA.

Seed Treaters automation and accuracy is key, and much improved. Treaters can generate reports which document each run, in addition to farmers being able to choose specific products and quantities to meet individual needs of each field.  USC Seed Treater Available Through West Coast Companies

Available through West Coast Companies

Gravity Tables much like air-screen cleaners, are adapting to the changing needs of the food industry by offering more protection against contamination and contact with stainless steel surfaces.

Nut Dryers designed by our West Coast Nut Processing Company, now offer two chambers within the dryer. The first chamber offers filling while at the same time pre-drying the nuts to reduce overall drying time. The second chamber focuses on drying the product to required moisture content.

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations:

Manufactures have taken great strides to really get down to the meat and potatoes of what customers are looking for, what they need and what will help them create a product of the best quality. We then take it from there to harmoniously integrate each manufactured piece of processing equipment into a complete or existing line, so the technology works together in a cohesive manor allowing for the best product output for the customer with the goal of not only meeting but exceeding the customer’s expectations.