New Wintersteiger Hege 11 has the ability to treat different quantities of seed using three different sizes of seed bowls for small quantities (20-3000g). This machine is suitable for all types of seed, and offers accurate dosing to ensure each seed is consistently coated.

-Basic Machine Hege 11

-Electric Motor 1.1 KW, 110 V, 60 HZ, 300 RPM with Timer & Clutch to Stop of Bowl

-Dispensette 0, 4-2, 0 ml

-Brown glass bottle 1000 ml

-Air blower to clean out dressing bowl

-Dressing Container 1 liter for 20-100 g seed

-Dressing Container 7 Liters for 80-800 g seed

-Dressing container 14,5 liters for 400-3000 g seed

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